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So Much to Love: Flowers and More for V-Day!

It should warm your heart to know that STORY has your Valentine’s Day weekend packed with fun, fulfillment, flowers, and more! To feel it is to believe it, and to feel good!

Kick off your Saturday, February 13th morning with a Power Yoga journey led from 9:00-10:00AM by founder of Lyons Den Power Yoga: Bethany Lyons. The fast-moving sequences of her system focus on flexibility and strength and will be followed by raw, blended juices from LuliTonix – perfect for feeling good.

On the big day itself, Sunday, February 14th—restore your bliss in a special Valentine’s Day 9:00-10:00AM class with Dani Katz of Naam Yoga New York. Using Mantra (chanting/sound vibration), Pranayama (breath work), and Asana (Yoga Poses), you will explore self-love and actualize this reality: to feel good you don’t need to look anywhere except inside yourself. It’s a healing, empowering notion to carry with you through the day—or to give as love to others!

Along with all the things to do, there’s also a bevy of best-bets for Valentine’s Day gifting. Wonderful WiseWear connected luxuries, charming Beth Macri messages, snarky cards, and all the Feel-Good favorites you love can be beautifully paired with a hand-made artisanal bouquet from Frederique’s Choice—who’s fragrant collections will be in-store Saturday and Sunday for you to acquire or just admire, including her signature 7-stem rose box.

So much to do, so much to love! Check out our events page (that’s here) for more details.