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Snomaggedon Continued…Be Easy with Four Freezing Cool Must Haves

So you want to be...chilling at home for another day. Like it or not, you probably are. And since a change of clothes and indoor activities is in order, here’s four more of our keep-warm favorites.

MatchaBar NYC:

Matcha is the new black coffee. These locals make it easy to DIY with tins of their super healthy powdered green tea.

Outdoor Voices:

Because during a blizzard, lounging totally counts as an activity, these effortless activewear pieces are perfect for Netflix-ing. Bonus: they’re stylish enough to wear out in public if you find yourself in need of fresh air.

Fig + Yarrow:

So you’re never getting out of the bath. Perfect. These all natural skincare products will meet you there and make things smoother once you decide to towel off.


At some point the snow will be shoveled. Verloop’s super cozy knits make venturing outside a little less scary – especially if winter hair is happening all over your head.