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GE and Snarkitecture Teamed Up to Bring the Brilliance to STORY

Have you ever noticed that your energy levels seem to wane in locations where there is decreased lighting? Do you feel more attentive in environments that are well lit? Scientists have long suggested that the amount of lighting can have a profound affect on the regulation of emotions, such as happiness and sadness, through the nervous and endocrine systems. Long STORY short: light has the potential to impact how you feel.

Finally the realms of science and design have linked up for the launch of the C by GE – a simple connected bulb that’s plugged into the rhythms of life. Designed to go together like day and night, the C Life makes it simple to get the optimal light at every moment while  the CSleep creates the perfect bedroom light – warm and calm at night, crisp and vibrant in the morning.

To bring to light the innovation surrounding the launch of the bulbs, GE teamed with interdisciplinary art and architecture studio Snarkitecture to create something sort of brilliant: a  hanging installation. True to form (and function) the piece showcases the connected bulb within a lighting concept, which is based on a “gradient” of dimming lights and crafted of perforated steel. As Snarkitecture explains it, “The gradient is interactive and controllable by viewers. The bulbs are arranged in an inverted pyramid, resting between layers of perforated screens.”

If you haven’t yet, check out this super-bright collaboration at Feel Good and be the first to pick up the C by GE – it’s exclusive to STORY.