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Have Your Smartest Workout Ever

If the aim of technology is to make our lives better, there’s nothing unexpected about its move into the health and wellness space. Recent reports say nearly 30% of US households own connected health devices – treadmills to fitness trackers. And the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon with devices enabling a more complete understanding of our health. Because the conversation is about more than just hard data, here brands sweating the details and thinking about health and technology in new ways.

Koral Activewear: Because being active demands clothing that can keep pace, Koral integrates technology into the fabrication of its range of fashion-forwared activewear. Pieces made from its proprietary fabric – leggings, tops and sports bras – feature advanced moisture wicking and odor  reducing capabilities as well as compression elements to reduce time between workouts.

Sensoria: One the first wearables to integrate technology into garment design, Sensoria embeds Bluetooh-enabled sensors in its sports bras and fitness shirts to track heart-rate and overall performance. It’s snap on monitors work with apps including Map My Run, Garmin and Polarbeat to put your stats at your fingertips.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer: Designed to provide a complete, evolving portrait of your health metrics, Withings’ WiFI enabled scale tracks your weight, BMI, and body fat percentage. Statistics are uploaded to the cloud and visualized in a series of action-oriented charts and graphs.