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Skillful Things by Hudson and Kings

Dear Hudson and Kings,

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? Or maybe since you craft every one of your unique lifestyle pieces using our home city as inspiration, we should phrase it in the local vernacular: What do you say to bringing the rustic elegance of your embossed leather pillow coverings back to our place at Love STORY? We’re not trying to be aggressive, it’s just that including your charcoal grey “Manhattan Cliques” bonded cushion cover, “BRKLYN” leather pillow covers, and laser-cut NYC skyscraper cushion cover is the softest (and trendiest) local way to elevate our New York STORY section.

From a bohemian loft space in Bushwick to a renovated brownstone here in Chelsea, your creations reflect the fearlessness and originality of all New Yorkers. We were already in love, but when we found out you bring jobs to developing countries, appreciating artisan’s skill with Brooklyn’s creativity (and educating future artisans in the process), we knew this was a match that would last – just like the undeniable quality of everything you do. We’re royally impressed with you, Hudson and Kings.