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Six Instagram Accounts to Follow for a Daily Dose of Mindfulness

It’s no secret that technology is more a part of our lives than ever. And while it’s easy to blame the always-on mentality for a lack of mindfulness, our relationship with technology can be a healthy one. To help you tune out some of the noise and tune into daily inspiration, we’ve selected a few of our favorite Instagram feeds with an abundance of mindfulness – let the good vibes roll.


Follow For: Homemade Mindful Eating

This Montreal-based blogger posts home-stirred bowls of nutritious goodness that pop off your feed in gorgeous living color—along with recipes so you can choose chia yourself!


Follow For: The Green Revolution, Delivered

Not the home-cooking type? This organic meal delivery service brings whole-food, plant-rich eats to your door—and inspiring quotes + mindfulness advice to your feed.


Follow For: Words of Wisdom

Vienna Pharaon is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in NYC, and her feed reflects her focus on mindfulness as therapy with a checkerboard of healing, epiphany-inducing quotes.


Follow For: Mantras made for wearing on your sleeve

Spiritual Gangster’s yoga-inspired clothing serves as a starting point for a feed full of motivational mantras and high vibe sayings – not to mention some beautiful posers.


Follow For: Getting Activated

This LA-Based resource for alchemy and ancient wisdom fills its feed with deliciously potent foods, tips for wellness + longevity, and recipes for activating your potential.


Follow For: Third-Eye-Opening Imagery

Artist and Musician Mariano Peccinetti’s collage work has been featured on @WellAndGoodNYC’s feed for its experimental flair, mind-expanding perspective, and tendency to expose the extraordinary.