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[GET] Show Your Affection with Gifts for Every Relationship Stage

Because modern love is definitely not black and white (50 Shades of Gray, anyone) we’ve curated a list of gifts for all types of lovers -from ‘I think I might kinda like you’ to completely smitten. Find your perfect match.

Status: Friend, but maybe more… 

Named for the Latin word meaning heart, Cor Pottery‘s small batch planters are made with love. Filled with a cute little succulent, these are a cute way to say you’re growing on me.

Status: Recovering from a breakup

For the broken hearted, Moon Juice‘s Heart Dust is wild-crafted to strengthen the heart’s ability to accept and release. Out with the old, in with the true (love.)

Status: Secret crush 

If you’ve been waiting to send a message, Beth Macri‘s ‘Hidden Message’ collection is a beautiful medium. Pieces are personalized to reveal messages known only to its wearer like XO.

Status: Waking Up without makeup

You’re at the stage where you’re just so comfortable with one another. Inject a little pillow talk back into the bedroom with Casa & Co.’s hand painted pillows.

Status: Thinking you might have found the one

For the one you’re scared to say those four letter words to, People I’ve Loved‘s letter-pressed cards do the heavy lifting and say it just like you would if you could find the words.

Status: BFF 

Love takes courage. Brave Collection‘s simple woven friendship bracelets say “Brave” (Klaa-han) and will provide your other half with a reminder to follow her heart.

Status: Taken with NY

Because your longest lasting love affair is with NYC, take it to bed with In the Seam‘s locally inspired pillows – each is made by hand in BK!

Status: Young love

Bella J.’s Lotsa Love Candle is a whole lot to love. As this candle burns, a sweet, secret charm is revealed, making this candle oh-so extra special.