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#She Knows New Survey on Feminism Spotlights the Issues on Everyone’s Mind

From politics to pop culture, the #FWord is on everyone’s lips – so SheKnows Media wanted to know what that could mean for women, men, and the future.

“We wanted to unpack how our community relates to the word feminism, the philosophy behind it and what feminists are doing today.”

In April, the initiative will cast the spotlight on #TheFWord on screen through the #FWord film festival, showcasing how six filmmakers relate to the topic of feminism (voting is live now). The creative output supports just-released findings from its nationwide study of cultural attitudes towards feminism and its impact on the lives of today’s woman.

More than 1,600 responded, 98 percent of whom were women, with the findings revealing that today women agree on equality – but not the “FWord.” When asked if “Do you identify as a feminist?” Forty-six percent said yes, 22 percent said no, and 32 percent were on the fence — with 26 percent saying, “It depends,” and 6 percent saying, “Not sure.”

A closer look at the findings that age and race are the major players in the feminist breakdown.

  • Women of color were most likely to respond “It depends” or “Not sure” to the question of whether they identify as feminist.
  • Twenty-five percent of African-American women, 21 percent of Asian women and 17 percent of Hispanic women agreed that feminism mostly represents white, highly educated and/or upper-income women — compared with just 8 percent of white women respondents.

The implications for the study are far reaching, particularly in light of this year’s Presidential election – with the issue of equal pay at top of mind for both feminists and non-feminists.

  • 67 percent of feminists and 40 percent of non-feminists report being more frequently interrupted than male counterparts.
  • 66 percent of feminists and 43 percent of non-feminists believe they have had their ideas overlooked because of their gender.
  • At the most extreme, 63 percent of feminists and 44 percent of non-feminists have been sexually harassed.

Beyond the issues, She Knows also found if the election were held tomorrow Hillary Clinton (D) and Bernie Sanders (D) would earn 59 percent and 36 percent of votes, respectively, by those who identify as feminist. Have questions? Inspired by findings from the study, SheKnows will joins us on Monday to moderate a discussion on women and politics, sharing their findings as thought starters for a lively conversation.