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Schwag for Our Four-Legged Friends

Whether your four-legged BFF is a cat, dog, or CatDog, these pet-friendly picks will get them purring and wagging. Hi Ho Diggety!

Chuckie’s Glasses Toy and CatDog Treats by Harry Barker
When it comes to eco-friendly and all-natural essentials for furry palz, Harry Barker has long been STORY’s BFF. In collaboration with Nickelodeon and #RememberWhenSTORY, they’ve crafted a durable cotton canvas (and Berber fleece stuffed) chew toy in homage to Chuckie Finster’s iconic frames. After your pets have worked up an appetite, treat them to a flavorful freeze-dried chicken treat that both cats and dogs will eat up.

Friendship Collar
Friendship bracelets celebrate your bond with your bestie, but what happens if your homie-4-life has four legs (and no wrists)? Friendship Collar crafts PETA-approved vegan collars and bracelets for humans and their furry friendz (both canine and feline). Because besties should always match, it’s a beautiful and ethical way to celebrate your past, present, and future adventures together!

Excited for more? No need to scratch at the door. #RememberWhenSTORY is open to pets and people! Visit us on your next walk round the block.