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[DO] S.W. Basics Founder Talks “Skin Cleanse,” Being Good to Your Skin

We all try to do our best by our bodies – even though real life occasionally interrupts. This is the thing: We like to have the information we need to make choices about our well being – whether that choice is a juice cleanse or a grilled cheese. The more you know, right?

With that in mind, be at STORY Tuesday February 17 from 6-8pm when Adina Grigore, creator of natural skincare line, S.W. Basics joins us to celebrate her new book, Skin Cleanse, a simple guide to switching to a holistic skincare regime. Adina will explain how our daily choices impact our skin and why its just as important to consider what you’re putting on your face as in your body.


To turn ideas into action, Adina will lead a DIY product session, offering an all-natural recipe that uses inexpensive ingredients that can be found in your own kitchen cabinet. Ready to clean up your act?

Tuesday, February 17; 6-8pm