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Rise and Grind: Coffee Gifts For The Heavily Caffeinated

They’re not satisfied with an ordinary cup of joe, so give them something that’s just as special as their daily single-origin, pour over, shade-grown triple shot Americano. From cups that keep things at the perfect sipping temp to books that put their knowledge to the test, these gifts will get them buzzing.


The gift that…

Strava Coffee

Perks up beans with a CBD hemp oil infusion for a balanced, alert and jitter-free start to the day.


Uses an app-controlled warming system to keep java between 120°F and 145°F.


Takes the perfect cup to go with a compact, all-in-one espresso maker that generates pressure up to 19 bars.

The New Rules of Coffee

Makes the perfect companion to a leisurely weekend cup, packed from cover to cover with info on all thing coffee.


Replaces disposable culture one cup at a time with a collapsible on-the-go cup that’s made of BPA-free recyclable materials.