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Rest Assured, These Four Sleepy Time Essentials Make for Good Nights

How well did you sleep last night? According to The World Sleep survey, odds are you tossed, turned, and probably didn’t get a full 8-hours of REM. Want to maximize those Zzzz? Skip the sheep counting and get ready for a few innovative products that are changing the what of how you get to sleep, from posture correcting pillows to dreamy fragrances.

Sleep Yoga Pillow

Sleep Yoga’s posture-correcting pillows improve the way you sit, stand, and get your shut eye. The pillows target different pain-points: The multi-position for necks, knees, and hip – the shoulder posture and the slide sleeper arm rest for alignment.

Rest Sense by XSense 

This #PitchNight discovery’s scientifically formulated scents are made to help you be your best at work, play, and rest.R estSense employs a proprietary blend of proven stress relievers – perfect before bedtime or during meditation.

Stadler Form Jasmine Diffuser 

Set a serene sleep mood. The Jasmine Aroma Diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to transform water blended with essential oils into an extra-fine mist. The simple bowl she gently releases your favorite fragrance, adding a just-right touch of scent to your surroundings.

Withings Sleep Aura System

Withings’ Aura promotes a deep, comforting sleep through a two part Bluetooth-enabled system that offers optional sleep-assist functions, like a light and sound show that mimics sundown.