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Reliving: JIX at STORY

At Love STORY we’re looking back at our storied past, but one favorite is deceptively futuristic.

Enter JIX. After originally appearing on Kickstarter in 2012, Jix made a splash as part of Cool STORY – where its creator Patrick Martinez designed an original awe-inspiring installation that spanned our entire 2000 square foot space. Expanding in a kind of crystalline pattern, the JIX installation got its “cool” factor from its appearance of complexity built on a relatively simple concept. Using only modular connectors and drinking straws, anyone can create flat or three-dimensional structures in highly organized or free-form ways.

Because we couldn’t think of a cooler way to celebrate Cool STORY, we brought JIX back for an impressive installation (and to share their fun kits with you!). Manufactured from post-industrial plastic in the US, these minimally-packaged kits contain enormous potential for experimentation, education, and creative construction. That’s not just cool, it’s something we L-O-V-E.