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Reliving: Disrupt STORY’s Ms. Pac-Man

Game (back) on.

In June 2016 we were stationed in our West Chelsea base camp  when we set out to disrupt the status quo and start a little hacktavist rebellion during Disrupt STORY…but our hearts often wandered to Coney Island. The world-famous amusement park at the tip of Brooklyn is the setting for most of USA’s award-winning show Mr. Robot (our partner in crime throughout Disrupt STORY), and played an integral part in the drama. (The Fun Society arcade is a defunct amusement property at Coney Island, formerly known as Fun Society Amusement, LLC. In its decrepit state, the marquee has lost several letters, leaving behind, “F Society,” – what quickly becomes the show’s mantra).

While we needed a little respite from taking down the 1%, we brought Coney Island to Chelsea with old-school favorites like Frogger and Ms. Pac-Man.

Now, Ms. Pac-Man, (arguably the gen pop.’s favorite arcade game of all time) makes a comeback in Love STORY’s throwback to Disrupt. The game makes a triumphant return in part because Ms. Pac-Man, at its core, is a love story.

The game’s narrative arc follows our determined protagonist as she meets, pairs off with, and then falls for a matching debonair yellow blob (the original “Mr.” Pac-Man). Bring your A-game(r) and watch them live happily ever after.

Don’t miss your chance to bring some quarters to Love STORY and scarf down some fitful spirits of your own!