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[READ] The Making of #HerSTORY with ALU

If you’ve ever tried to get a group of inspiring, busy, powerful, amazing women together, you have an idea of the work that went into designing Her STORY. The diversity of personalities and range of merchandise necessitated flexibility. Enter: ALU, an innovative provider of fixture solutions and our creative partners for the concept.


Our vision for the space was as a living dialogue that celebrated the over 40 women curators and the products they’d chosen to share – everything from vibrant printed scarves to evocative scented candles. Practically, this meant finding a versatile platform that enabled us to weave written content into the merchandising strategy. ALU offered a seamless solution.

A SLIDER wall, in black, was used to showcase a large curated selection of books, while SLASH offered the opportunity to spotlight woman curated merchandise, along with dynamic, connected signage. CAGE, an endlessly adjustable fixture was integrated throughout the space, serving our need for tabletops,  shelving units and graphic inserts. Geometric and elegant in shape, these versatile systems supported the space’s adaptable design, casting Her Story in an inspiring light.