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[READ] The Making of Donald STORY from Art to Finish

True STORY: We had no idea what to expect when we let our collaborator in residence, Donald Robertson loose with tubes of paint, gaffer tape, canvases, and enough Sharpie markers to make an elementary school art teacher jealous. In the span of a week, Donald worked tirelessly to transform our space into a living art-piece (or Instagram backdrop) filled with his vivid sketches, paintings, and even a heard of giraffes.

In preparation for the takeover, our design team shopped for DIY essentials from Home Depot. Once we had the paint, brush situation down we turned to the retail fixture experts at ALU to identify a dynamic, versatile system to accommodate our in-store Smashbox Cosmetics DIY lipgloss station.

Ultimately its BOX system, a display of vertical cubbies and display combinations, was integrated to house our favorite products from Smashbox and then given Donald’s seal of approval – a smattering of hand-drawn kisses. Check out some behind the scenes photos from the making of Donald STORY. Paints a collaborative picture, right?