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[READ] Take Cover with Surface Magazine’s Art Bombed Issue

Surface Issues 

As the voice of contemporary American design, Surface Magazine, has its finger on the pulse of all things creative and collaborative. Naturally, once its team got wind of Donald’s STORY, the creative juices started flowing. The result: a limited-edition issue, featuring a portrait of the magazine’s September cover star Delphine Arnault, illustrated by Donald.

“Donald oozes creativity, and so does Surface. Being around him is contagious, and we wanted to bring that experience onto the magazine’s pages. The limited-edition issues shows a spunky side to surface. Like the artist, we enjoy having fun too.” – Spencer Bailey

The issue comes packaged with colored pencils, a custom-designed case, and features a #SurfaceSketchbook, a 16-page book where you can art bomb Donald’s illustrations.