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[READ] Sword and Plough: Repurposing for a Purpose

Sisters, Emily and Betsey Nunez know first hand what it means to carry the weight of your country on your shoulders. – Emily is herself a former active duty officer. So in 2012 they set out to build a business that would lighten the load and help the veteran community while re-using surplus material.

Three years later, Sword & Plough, the brand they founded, has turned a successful Kickstarter campaign into a collection of accessories that has achieved measurable social impact in the veteran community.  According to impact reports, it has created job opportunities for veterans and supporting veteran entrepreneurship by partnering with veteran owned businesses. Its estimated the brand has sourced more than 20,000 pounds of military surplus, which would otherwise be burned or buried in landfills.

In their own words, it always been about creating something that would emotionally and physically touch civilians and remind them, in a beautiful way, of the challenges our country and servicemen face. Mission accomplished.

Learn more about their STORY and shop to change perception and support our nation’s heroes here