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[READ] Our New STORY Is…Creativity

Creativity informs the future. But what will that look like? In May, STORY founder Rachel Shechtman had a glimpse when Lexus invited her to join them in Italy for the Lexus Design Award, a global search for the next generation of creators. Inspired to share her experience, this month, Rachel invites Lexus to STORY to uncover the latest in Creativity from around the world – from an LED artist to a glitch-inspired fashion designer. We’re not sure what the future holds, but read on to discover what’s in-store for the next five weeks.

Turning the spotlight on creativity: Sachem Arvidson, an LED installation artist, credited with the over-the-top visuals for the Flaming Lips creates a collaborative, DIY LED wall for the experience featuring over 1800 LED bulbs. But the guiding focus of the concept are the “inventions” of eight finalists from the Lexus Design Award which serve muses for the experience. Alongside each invention STORY curates a range of objects that explore a driving element of the creator’s process: a material like wood or paper, an idea, a color, or a fascination with light.

There’s Iris, a mesmerizing light piece, MNote a writing pad that aids memorization, LUZ, an emotive light piece that responds to changes in climate, Embodiment of Fractal, a shelving system composed of splintered woods, INSTAMP, a touch based stamp system, Here Comes the Sun, a piece that replicates the light and warmth of the sun, yamaori taniori tent an origami-inspired tent, and Pixelateme, a digitally-inspired collection of knitwear.

Creativity will also serve as the exclusive US stockist of two lamps by the winner of this year’s Wanted Design Launch Pad, designer Kjartan Oskarsson as well as  “Crafted for Lexus,a collection of objects from next generation Japanese designers including Sphelar Power’s solar powered flashlight and ONE KILN‘s ceramic coffee dripper. In collaboration with the physical examples of creativity, the experience highlights interactive engagement. Design agency Hush showcases “Made by Numbers,” a data-driven sculpture and three custom-designed displays from Perch Interactive offer a closer look at the stories behind the objects in our space.

Whether you’re creating a custom light scape or joining us for our upcoming Pitch Night, for the next five weeks… the future looks like your most creative summer ever. Follow the conversation with the hashtag #LexusDesignAward.