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[READ] Meet the Brands Changing What It Means to Play Like a Girl

GoldieBlox is a different kind of toy for girls. It’s not pink, there are no crowns, and its designed to tell stories about about Goldie, a girl engineer, and her friends. Debbie Sterling, founder of GoldieBlox, says that after graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, she became obsessed with the idea getting girls excited to build.

Fact is: men still largely outnumber women in science, technology, engineering and math, and girls lose interest in these subjects as early as age 8. Goldie is leading the charge to level the playing field by inspiring the next generation of female engineers.

But Goldie is far from the only woman-founded brand disrupting the pink aisle. New companies creating STEM (science, technology, math, and engineering )-oriented toys include Uncharted Play (above), which harnesses the power of play to introduce kids to its “Think Out of Bounds” curriculum and littleBits (above), an “open-source library” of magnetically connected circuit boards, from which kids can construct simple electronic devices.

When Debbie started out, she says she never knew what engineering way. Today thanks to these innovative brands, girls have a new story to tell.