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[READ] Meet the Brand that Combines Fashion and Philanthropy

Like most good things, Future Glory Co. didn’t happen overnight. “It is a life long dream,” say co-founders and friends, Theresa Lee and Jennie Chen, who officially launched the brand in 2013. The plan started with a clutch and the idea to do something bigger than make women look good. Two years later the collection has grown to include totes, bucket bags, and a pair of super cute baby moccasins – 24 items in all.

From the start keeping it local (San Francisco) has been super important to Theresa and Jennie. “The majority of our products are produced at our Dogpatch studio and materials are sourced domestically.” These bags also make a difference in the lives of local women. As part of their mission to give back Future Glory Co. set up an apprentice-style program geared towards helping women get back on their feet.

As for the word Jennie and Theresa says best describes their story…Perseverance.