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[READ] Lumi Is Changing How We Print, Tell Stories

Screen-printing seems like a good idea until you set out to do it. Enter Lumi, an entirely new take on printing that lets you tell your story on almost any surface – no squeegee required.

As the story goes, it all began in 2012 when the Lumi co-founders, Jesse Genet and Stephan Angoulvant, launched a Kickstarter campaign for a process that used Inkodye to develop images using sunlight. But you probably don’t know that Jesse has been experimenting with printing since high school, selling t-shirts featuring her own drawings and photographs. And she’s still never had a real job, she says.

“It became clear that you could build your own job! But more you could actually build a whole new world if you wanted to.” Today Lumi has grown into a global creative tools company with its products in use by artists, designers, and now…you.

Discover Lumi in person on March 28 from 12-4pm when  founder Jesse Genet joins us for a DIY workshop. She’ll be on site to demo the process and give you the opportunity to print on anything – including your own tee shirts or bags.