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[READ] Bright Idea: Wanted Design Winner Kjartan Oskarsson

In the past few years, the exposed hanging Edison bulb has become the avocado toast of the lighting world. But if the ubiquitous thing doesn’t turn you on, why go for one really interesting piece? Case in point, Icelandic designer Kjartan Oskarsson‘s series of subtly interactive light pieces. Designed for closer inspection, the handmade lamps toe the line between sculpture and lighting system.

The Halo, for example lacks an on/off switch and requires its user to interact with the lamp using simple push pull motion that incorporates a handcrafted leather strap. Similarly the Forester’s cascading design provokes the user to engage and adjust its LED copper pipes to the changing needs of illumination. This switch in thinking about lighting design as an interactive medium earned Oskarsson this year’s Wanted Design Launch Pad award.

Discover the Halo and Forester exclusively at Creativity STORY.