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[READ] Getting Married? Meet the Professional Bridesmaid

A funny thing happened when writer Jen Glantz posed an ad on Craigslist advertising her services…as a professional bridesmaid. It actually happened. But if you ask Jen, her accidental stumble into the bridal business makes complete sense. “I’d been a bridesmaid so many times for my friends that I was nicknamed ‘The Professional Bridesmaid,” she says. And after helping countless friends down the aisle, she realized that there was a place in the industry for a dedicated bridal attendant. Here Jen shares #HerSTORY and join her IRL on May 12th to hear how it all went down…the aisle.

Long STORY short, how did you become a professional bridesmaid? 

When I was behind the scenes at weddings, I started to notice that no one was really there for the bride: the wedding planner was focused on making the venue perfect and the bridesmaids were focused on getting their hair and makeup done. I saw a giant gap in the wedding industry and decided to provide a service that would address it!

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned from your experience? 

I’ve learned its shockingly easy to open up to strangers – sometimes, more so than friends and family. Brides feel as though they can be totally honest with me about what they’re feeling because I’m unbiased. It truly makes this business about creating relationships.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received? 

Get started right now!

What advice would you give brides and bridesmaids gearing up for wedding season? 

Being a wonderful bridesmaid is easy, if you remember to be a great friend. We get so wrapped up in the details of the wedding and forget that it’s really just about being there to show a friend support like every other day.

What’s in your bridesmaid survival kit? 

It’s a fanny pack and its stuffed with everything from Band-Aids to a cellphone charger and peanut butter M&Ms. Nothing is off limits.

Spring must “I Dos” in NYC?

Pack a tote bag with your favorite food and picnic somewhere you’ve never been since before winter hit and froze us all to our couches. The city is ready for you to walk all over it again!