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[READ] Illustrator Samantha Hahn Gives Us a Look Inside Her Studio

How do you illustrate a STORY that’s always online? You ask Brooklyn artist Samantha Hahn to help fill in the blanks (literally) by putting an analog spin on things through a series of expressive watercolors. Here Samantha shares how she pulled off this brush stroke of genius.

What was the process of illustrating each piece? 
I loved this project. It was so fun, colorful and inspiring all around. The hand-lettering for all the signage was really free-form and loose. I used a brush and watercolor to achieve the lettering style and played around with background washes and overlaying the letters on top. I also worked with the STORY team to develop a font based on my hand-lettering  – I’ve always wanted to do that!
How did the work come together?  
For the portraits, I set out to capture the essence of each AwesomenessTV talent. Each portrait aimed to convey something dynamic about the person, from their expression to the twinkle of creativity in their eyes.
What was your favorite aspect?
My favorite aspect was the abstract color bursts for the main STORY wall. It seemed like the perfect thing to tie in all signage and set-paper elements throughout the store. I always love working abstractly and don’t often get to use abstraction in my illustration commissions other than as background elements.
What’s your story in one sentence? “When the morning comes to meet you…Open your eyes with waking light” –Beck
Who inspires you to create? 
I’m inspired by the people I surround myself with: Artists, writers, designer friends and of course my family including my husband and kiddos.