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[READ] How This Lexus Design Award Finalist Gets Creativity Down on Paper

Let your creativity flow into your memory.

Creativity can happen in an instant. And then, like a wave, it recedes. It’s this constant ebb and flow of creative energy and inspiration that led UX designer, benjamin xue of Singapore to explore how best to connect your creativity with your memory. “Our senses are constantly feeding our brain with information about our environment to allow us to react to our surroundings and at the same time shape our perception of the world,” he said.

Based on his fundamental observation of the link between perception and memory, xue developed, Mnote writing pad specially designed to take advantage of our senses to forge better memory. “In the fast moving world that we live in, we are constantly bombarded with different information Over time, we become de-sensitised to new information and lose the ability to retain information,” he said.

In a practice, Mnote consists of a series of note-taking styles which turn information into a form that the brain can more effectively retail than when in its original form. The simple, minimalist pad in turn uses different canvases to help users recall the recall the information by recalling the semantics relating to that Mnote canvas. Because creativity should be unforgettable.

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