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[READ] How Nanoleaf Is Creating a Brighter, More Efficient Future

Nanoleaf doesn’t look like your ordinary light bulb. Nor does it function like one. Created by a group of technologists who saw an opportunity to apply the principles of design to the global problem of energy conservation, the sculptural LED bulb intersects first-of-its-kind energy saving technology with cutting edge looks. Here marketing director, Sunny Han illuminates what creativity means at Nanoleaf.

How do you define and approach creativity? 
We define creativity as meaningful novelty, something that will help to make our cause and what we believe in appealing and resonant. Our creative process takes form in two steps: First- we choose a relevant problem we’d like to solve, Second – is where creativity truly comes in and we think of ways to make this solution appealing and “sticky” with unique approaches.

Ok. Technical stuff, what makes the Nanoleaf One unique? 
The Nanoleaf bulbs are our solutions in persuading the mass consumers to make the shift over to sustainable lighting. The Nanoleaf one, our first product, is the world’s most energy efficient light bulb. We designed this product to allow people to have high brightness lighting options that uses only a fraction of the energy (100W or 1600 lumens of light for only 12Watts of energy).

What’s the last thing that inspired you? 
The last thing that inspired me was Elon Musk’s Tesla battery – how it aims to revolutionize the way the world uses energy. Tesla has always been a source of inspiration for what we do at Nanoleaf, we hope to one day achieve that same level of impact and success in the lighting industry.

What do you love about what you do? 
Being able to work where I can feel the impact I’m making every day is both motivating and rewarding. Not to mention I get to help build a brand with such fascinating products that I’m personally a big fan of! It’s the best feeling to find a company with a mission that I can really stand behind. Despite the crazy work load and busy schedule, I have enjoyed every moment so far.

When you hit a wall creatively the best way to get over it is….
Get up, take a walk and enjoy a change in scenery. Often times, inspiration comes when the mind is relaxed and curious. I find that the best way to break down the wall is to take a break and look at things from a different perspective, whether it’s chatting with an interesting person or people watching in a park or mall, you never know when a small detail from that break may be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.