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[READ] How Makeup Artist Karl Giant Stays Inspired to Follow his Art

Like most creatives, Karl Giant wears many hats and yields quite a few brushes – makeup brushes included. A self described image maker and the contouring expert in residence for Smashbox Cosmetics, he sees each of his subjects as a canvas. “You are your own work of art,” he says. This week, he’s treating us to contouring with a side of cocktails and here shares some of the finer points of his story – from sources of inspiration to the NCIS star he’s Insta-friendly with. 

What’s one thing we can’t find out about you on the internet? The amount of time I spend at the garden store. My summer project was designing a monarch butterfly garden from the ground up. The Monarch butterfly population has declined 90% in the past two years.  So I planted a beautiful garden that would attract them with all of the things they need to survive and hopefully thrive.

What’s the one secret to getting contouring right every time? There is no real secret, practice makes perfect. Don’t go overboard by putting too much on. It should be blended and natural looking.  One pet peeve I have is when people contour their nose way too much to make it appear smaller or straighter.. When you try to over correct something , what you really do is draw way to much attention to it.

What beauty trend are you most excited by right now? I love that lashes are back in a major way.

What does self-expression mean to you? It means the freedom to express your moods, feelings, or aspirations. You are your own work of art. Everything we wear or choose to look like is an artistic choice that you present to the world. Some people buy new clothes to express how they feel. Some people like me, create new makeup looks.

When’s the last time you were inspired, by what?  I few days ago.  I was shooting Jason Walkers new music video “So Happy” in Utah And Nevada. The landscape was so stunning and inspiring.

What’s the last thing you took a photo of? The Great Salt Lake in Utah

What your must-follow Instagram account?  I follow my friend Pauley Perrette. I like that she uses her celebrity to affect positive change in world.