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[READ] Got It From Our Mamas: Advice from Our Moms to You!

She stayed up late when we needed homework help and even later when we broke curfew. She’s a part of all our stories. And while sometimes it’s hard to admit – mom totally knew best. All weekend long STORY is celebrating moms – meet ours!

Nobody gets the complete package – job, spouse, body. There will always be something to complain about but the key is staying focused on the positive and appreciating the good things.Caity, Director of Partnerships

Finish what you start!  – Julie, Director of Merchandising

Our mom always said, knock on the door. And when someone says no, keep knocking.Rachel Shechtman, founder + Jenny Shechtman, Director of Operations

Always be generous. – Gabriel, Assistant Store Manager

It’s not exactly advice, but one of the most important things my mother taught me was to always think critically and not to accept things at face value.Max, Storyteller

My grandmother always told me to eat your vegetables, it’ll make your hair curly.  Also, eat your carrots, it’ll make your hair redder but that one backfired. Rachael, Buyer

Kill ’em with kindness…My mother’s answer to whoever/whatever is frustrating me. She has been saying it forever.Anne, Design Associate