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[READ] This Collaboration Does Right, One Journal at a Time

Curious what a really good collaboration looks like? Make a B-Line for our Donald X Denik journals. Each features original artwork from Donald and was designed to support FreeArtsNYC, a non-profit that creates regular opportunities for local kids to express themselves through art classes and after school programs. Cool, right? FreeArts’ Executive Director Liz Hopfan gave us the inside STORY behind the collaboration and what it means to #FollowYourArt. 

How did the collaboration with Denik + Donald come about? 

I met Donald at a party and told him about Free Arts NYC. He told me how he loves to give back when he can and immediately thought about his project with STORY. He made an introduction to Rachel and Jenny and they reached out to Denik, who loved the idea. I hope this is the beginning of a partnership with everyone.

What does it mean to #FollowYourArt at Free Arts?

Our motto here is “There are no mistakes in Art”

When’s the last time you were inspired, by what?

I am both inspired and a little jealous every day by the amazingly creative people that I get to meet through my job.

Who are some of your favorite Instagram accounts?

Personally, I am not that great on social media, but I do love to see who “likes” the Free Arts posts each day and love watching our followers grow.

What’s one thing the internet doesn’t know about FreeArts NYC? 

That if it had not been for my sister’s connection to Miriam Haskell Jewelers 18 years ago we probably would not be here today.