Point of view of a Magazine
Changes like a Gallery
Sells things like a Store

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[READ] Five Stories to Link About

Flashing Lights:¬†Designer Marta Borda’s elastic light series playfully yet purposefully questions the role of traditional ceramic objects.

Indie Bands: WWD takes a look at Tictail, the start-up that’s pushing independent brands and makers into the spotlight by giving them a platform with a shared vision.

Puppy Love: The lovely people at the NYMag let us in on the existence of this puppy. D’Awwww.

So Gifted: Red Bull Studios and AllDayEveryday have teamed up on The Gift Shop, an expected take on the classic museum gift shop.

Feeling Stuck?: Get a grip on ambiguity with Unstuck’s printable worksheet for getting through change so it doesn’t leave you in a lurch.