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[READ] Creativity Wanted: #PitchNight Returns to STORY

STORY goes in search of the next great thing with help from HSNi’s Mindy Grossman and Good Morning America’s Tory Johnson

What’s #PitchNight? Glad you asked. It’s STORY’s signature designer open call  – a night where creatives of all disciplines have the opportunity to share a product and the story behind it with a panel hungry for the good stuff. Equal parts community night and opportunity of a lifetime, it offers anyone with a ready-for-market product 3-minutes with STORY founder, Rachel Shechtman and a panel of relevant press and retailers (details here). On Wednesday September 16th from 6-9pm it’s happening live. For this iteration, Rachel will be joined by two women who know the next big thing when they see it: Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSNi and  Tory Johnson, contributor to Good Morning America.

The night began back in 2012 when Rachel realized that it was impossible to sort through all the product submissions being sent her way. It just made more sense to have the designers come in, pitch her their product in person, and mix-and-mingle with like minded creatives. Since then STORY has hosted 13 #PitchNights, seen hundreds of products, and even helped inspire a few collaborations.

Want in? Here’s how to RSVP and be part of the next #PitchNight. And take a peek at what went down at our last #PitchNight…