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Re-Loving: Style.Tech STORY

First Date: September 2014

How We Met: Linking up fashion and innovation

The Kiss and Tell: Before wearables were making headlines, we teamed up with Intel to plug into the conversation around technology and fashion. From connecting the dots to disruptive dot coms, we got a first look at the NextGen.

The Best of Times: Sharing a look at our ISL #Selfie with a mirror that snapped photos while just brewing it with TopBrewer coffee – a smarter take on the coffee machine.


The Heart Will Go on: As part of our celebration of StyleTech STORY, our current Love STORY features the runaway Kickstarter success that puts LED pixel art on an iconic fashion accessory: CAT Clutch. It’s an item of brilliant synergy – combining app-controlled animated matrixes and classic chic to turn heads on the runway (or just on the way to the next hotspot) with disruptive tech.