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Re-Loving: Remember When STORY

First Date: August 2016

How We Met: At a ‘90s Themed Party

The Kiss and TellWe ran into a childhood friend, The Splat,  and felt like coming home and flipping on our favorite cartoons. Nickelodeon gave us street cred to bring ‘90s-everything back to life, back to reality for ‘90s kids big and little.

The Best of Times:We ran on the Double Dare Human Hamster Wheel, sported slime-inspired couture (thx @aliceandolivia), and chilled at #TBT Happier Hours.

The Heart Will Go On: We’re bringing back everyone’s favorite old-school ’90s schwag to Love STORY, but there’s a modern update. Thanks to Innovative Vending Solutions, you can make it rain Nickelodeon-inspired schwag, candy, and jewelry using only your social currency. (Simply claim your ’90s street cred by tweeting two hashtags presented on the screen, and share your in-store experience on twitter or Instagram).