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Re-Loving: Feel-Good STORY

First Date: January 2016

How We Met: We were feeling in need of a refresh

The Kiss and Tell: We teamed up with Cigna to share their expertise in preventative care and introduce their exclusive VR meditation experience through a feel-good lens. Things really got good when Well + Good joined us to curate the best-in-class workouts.


The Best of Times: We broke a good sweat right in our store with AKT In Motion classes, Bethany Lyons’ “Lyons Den Power Yoga”, and Taryn Toomey’s “The Class”. And if we needed to relax afterward? We took a virtual vacation to a beach, a forest campsite, or a floral zen garden in the Cigna Virtual Relaxation Pod!

The Heart Will Go on: To celebrate feeling good for our current Love STORY, we brought in some super-cool superfine merino wool kicks crafted by Allbirds. They’re not only moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, and so soft you can wear them sockless – As a certified B Corporation, Allbirds meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency!