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Re-Loving: F-Word STORY

First Date: March 2016

How We Met: Not Being Afraid to Say It

The Kiss and Tell: We dropped the assumptions about Feminism and took a fresh look at the voices reinvigorating the dialogue around the F-Word through ideas like “Fatherhood” and “Female Founders”. The finishing touch: Samantha Hahn’s watercolor artworks.

The Best of Times: We FaceTimed with some of the most inspiring women we know: #GIRLBOSS Sophia Amoruso, model and “body positivity activist” Ashley Graham, Ellevest cofounder Sallie Krawcheck, and BBG Ventures founder Susan Lyne!

The Heart Will Go on: Author and illustrator Samantha Hahn is known for her hypnotic watercolor celebrations of women and motherhood. We’re happy to have her three books – Well-Read WomenFashion Lookbook, and A Mother is a Story – back for another chapter in her multi-faceted relationship with our space. Find them in the F-Word section of our Love STORY!