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Re-Loving: Donald STORY

First Date: August 2015

How We Met: We were drawn to one another

The Kiss and Tell: Creative director, paparazzo illustrator, and Instagram sensation Donald Robertson took over our STORY to illustrate what happens when you #FollowYourArt, customize product from Canada Goose jackets to Warby Parker sunglasses, and to introduce us to his fashion-forward Giraffe creation – Mitford!

The Best of Times: Paris-based shop Colette picked up Donald’s “arted-on” merch including exclusive collaborations with LA-based confectioner Sugarfina and artful journals from Denik!

The Heart Will Go on: Decorated with Donald’s signature style, Flirt Cosmetics empower artful makeup mavens to get creative with tongue-in-chic looks. And that’s not the only dose of Donald for this Love STORY, he’ll be back in the flesh (and paint and gaffer tape) to art all over special-edition white tees from Junk Food!