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Re-Loving: Disrupt STORY

First Date: July 2016

How We Met: Inciting Disruption With Cultural Rebels

The Kiss and Tell: Sparks flew after USA Network introduced us to Mr. Robot – a series that had taken over the airwaves in protest of the status quo. After an IRL meetup at an abandoned Coney Island funhouse, the plan to “Disrupt” was hatched.


Some of the Best Times Were: We took the digital dialogue offline, igniting discussions among creators, technologists, and entrepreneurs. THEN we played video games, hung with the cast, sold art by Carly Chaiken, and chatted with Snowden via Beambot (thanks to Tribeca Film for that)!

The Heart Will Go On: We’re disrupting Love STORY and bringing back DoDoCase – the SMARTvr pocket viewer that transformos any iOS or Android Smartphone into an Immersive VR experience. Created by Patrick Buckley and Craig Dalton, it’s a large-format lens that’s made for ultra-wide field of view. And it’s Google-certified!