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Re-Loving: Cool STORY

First Date: July 2014

How We Met: Chilling Out

The Kiss and Tell: What’s cooler than being cool? We partnered up with Quirky, the inventive start-up founded by Ben Kaufman, and GE to chill out with its connected air conditioner to chill out and the smartest way possible!

The Best of Times: We were early to the cold brew craze, serving up Grady’s Cold Brew, makers of New Orleans-style ice coffee bottled in Brooklyn. We also teamed up with Stef Ferrari, founder of craft ice-cream upstart Hay Rosie for a refresher course in beer and ice cream pairing.

The Heart Will Go On: We first hit it off with Jix Project founder Patrick Martinez during Cool STORY, and now we’re bringing back the original drinking straw construction game that lets you build everything from room-sized structures too cool-for-school table-top sculptures out of straws as we share our Love STORY.