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Re-Loving: Art STORY

First Date: March 2013

How We Met: Getting to the art of it

The Kiss and Tell: We were channeling the “gallery” part of our DNA when we bumped into and we knew it was the right time to follow our art and take things offline. Complementing in-store art images with a range of products that painted the full picture of the ways these works can inspire, delight, and educate, we created a story that colored outside the lines.

The Best of Times: We featured must-haves from The Art Production Fund, ate ‘Mondrian Cake’ while launching Caitlin Alissa’s book, Modern Art Desserts, and showcased curated picks from Design Milk founder Jaime Derringer.

The Heart Will Go On: For this Love STORY, we brought the artist-licensed objects and eccentric curations from Third Drawer Down’s down-under design studio, inviting the independent concept destination for artists near and far to show off their sensational labors of love!