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Quality and Inspiration by TOMS

Dear TOMS,

Hey boy – Our relationship’s been a long Love STORY in the making, and no matter what we’re up to, your one-for-one products have a place that’s close to the heart… You came Home for the Holidays, you helped us do Good, you joined in to Have Fun . . . For so many stories, you’ve been by our side – providing bright futures and keeping the big picture in mind.

So it was a no-brainer to include your give-back shades in Love STORY! With 100% UVA/UVB protection and 5-barrel hinges for lasting sturdiness, your shades embody classic styles that fit practically every face while contributing to organizations that provide prescription lenses, sight-saving surgery, and other medical treatments needed to make sure that for every pair purchased – a person is given sight, one for one. It’s this kind of business practice that makes you one of a kind. (And speaking of movements, your founder, Blake Mycoskie’s book, Start Something That Matters is truly moving, just another perfect addition to the Love STORY we’re happy to have you help us tell.) Thanks for being our thoughtful partner, and a partner to people everywhere.