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Pop, Fizz, Clink! Designer David Stark How Our Bubbly Holiday Concept Came to Life

What makes a house a home for the holidays? At STORY, it’s renowned designer David Stark who has worked alongside us for the past two years to transform our space into a wonderland with gifts for everyone on your list. This year, his vision celebrates sets a festive mood and raises a glass to the way the holidays bring us together. Here, here, we sat down to talk inspiration and what the holidays mean to him. 

How did the holiday collaboration come about? 

I met Rachel at the Ted Conference a few years ago, and we became fast friends. I was honored when she invited our company David Stark Design to partner with STORY on the holiday decor last year. The collaboration was so fun and wonderfully rewarding, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be back for a second go-around this year! 

What was your point of inspiration and how did that evolve? 

Imagine being invited to a swanky holiday house party. The bubbly is flowing, and there are zany surprises at every turn.   An ALICE IN WONDERLAND sense of surprise and scale create merriment that appeal to the child in us all.

What do you hope for people to feel in the space?


What makes this space different from last year? (everything obviously…but a few details)

Of course, last year’s STORY was tied to the film THE GREATEST SHOWMAN and as such, our home for the holidays was a reflection of Mr. Barnum’s world.  This year, though, our “holiday home” plays on fanciful scale and has a unique narrative that comes alive in each room. For instance, the room filled with gifts FOR HER becomes animated beneath an oversized canopy of “champagne bubbles” while gifts FOR EVERYONE are displayed within a charming “kitchen” replete with an outsized rolling pin and glittering cookie dough.

What does Home for the Holiday mean to you?

Someplace warm. I am not about snow or cold!  (Wink!)

Best gift you’ve ever received? 

I cherish having these kinds of wonderful, creative projects to collaborate on. Really.

Where do you go to get inspired in NYC? 

I spend so much time at events and out and about at social engagements, that being home for the holidays is truly my most prized and favorite spot for holiday cheer.