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Poolside Chat: Salty Road Will Skip Taffy-Making to Jam Out

We have a rule at STORY: If it comes in a crazy-cute package and is made locally, calories don’t count. This rule fully justifies our box-after-box takedown of Salty Road‘s sweet-tooth satisfying taffy. Equal parts nostalgic and now, it’s the car ride snack we just can’t quit. We asked how this BK-based brand is taking a break from pulling duties to make  summer extra sweet.

What’s your story in six words or less?

Salty . Sweet . Chewy . Delicious . Candy

Okay more importantly, what do you love most about summer (in NYC)?

Warm nights, cold beer at the park watching the sunset.

What’s at the top of your summer bucket list?

Eating fried seafood at Johnny’s Reef City Island with an ice cold beer.  And driving to a local farm          picking fruit and making jam!!!!!! – is that nerdy?

When it’s too hot to be outside you can find me…

Running through the sprinklers or at Alamo Draft house watching a movie.

When’s the last time you played hooky and what did you get up to?

Shoot.  I should play hooky. I would drive a couple hours and jump into a body of water.

What’s your go-to frozen situation (dessert, cocktail, popsicle)?

Does an ice cold wedge salad count?

Give us your best skip working excuse…

Hmmm. . . .  I need to work on this.

Guilty pleasure summer song:

Ignition remix