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Poolside Chat: Manhattan Wine Co. Would Like a Frozen Negroni Right Now

Fact: There’s no excuse to drink bad wine. At STORY that’s especially true, since our neighbors at Manhattan Wine Co  stock some of the best bottles in town. “Wine. It’s what we do. It’s what we love,” they say. But come summer even these passionate oenophiles find reasons to play hooky, grab a glass, and chill. Here’s how they’re spending the summer.

What’s your story in six words or less?

No excuse to drink bad wine.

Okay more importantly, what do you love most about summer (in NYC)?

Drinking Champagne/Chablis/Beaujolais on the patio.

What’s at the top of your summer bucket list?

An afternoon Yankees home game with the kids (their first) and grandpa.

When it’s too hot to be outside you can find me…

In our wine shop! We keep it at a cool 68 degrees all year long.

When’s the last time you played hooky and what did you get up to?

That was probably my husband Matt, MWC president/founder, playing golf!

What’s your go-to frozen situation (dessert, cocktail, popsicle)?

Frozen Negronis

Give us your best skip working excuse…

Ummm… .not sure I want to let on to our employees. But a good one would be – the kids are sick, have to stay home with them!

Guilty pleasure summer song:

Total Eclipse of the Heart- Bonnie Tyler