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Pledging to Put the Parity Pedal to the Global Metal this International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is over one hundred years old, and there is more to celebrate every year.

From history’s metaphorical mothers of modern movements to the influential present-day female voices shattering society’s status quo, there is no shortage of victories to commemorate or women to celebrate. The women of today have more economic, social, and political influence now than at any other time in history — and it’s thanks to a spectacular spectrum of past-and-present female leaders, teachers, entrepreneurs, revolutionaries, and thinkers who are all deserving of accolades.

STORY is no stranger to sensational women: we were founded by one, and constantly carry the most inspiring merchandise from female designers, makers, and disruptive innovators. We’ll be celebrating these women and their forebears in our own way this March, but that’s not all. We’re also taking the #PledgeForParity, because International Women’s Day is not just about celebration.

In 2014, the World Economic Forum predicted that Global Gender Parity (the worldwide equivalence of men and women’s rights, benefits, obligations, and opportunities) would take until 2095 at the current rate of progress. If that sounds like an alarmingly long time, buckle up: in 2015 they calculated that the rate of progress had slowed to such a rate that Parity is as far off as 2133.

This means that progress is decelerating, and we see that as an urgent call to action. Along with millions of women around the globe, we are taking the #PledgeForParity to help women and girls achieve their ambitions, challenge conscious and unconscious bias, call for gender-balanced leadership, value women and men’s contributions equally, and create inclusive/flexible cultures not just on March 8th — but every day.

As part of our Pledge, we’re opening the doors to F-Word STORY.

So come celebrate with us, discuss with us, and come together with women and allies alike to get the rate of progress accelerating again—because Parity is not something that should take a century to see.