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Get Into Boss Mode

We get it. Sometimes it’s hard to get into a professional headspace. You’re feeling distracted, your to-do list remains unchecked, and Netflix is way more compelling than your inbox. Whenever this mood hits, it’s time to take out your secret weapon–– one of these pieces that will make you feel like an absolute boss.

Luxury Looks For Your 9 to 5

MM La Fleur

We dare you to feel lazy after slipping on these pants and top. They’re designed specifically for women who’ve got important stuff to do. (Psst: that includes you.) Plus, you won’t have to waste your time at the dry cleaners–– both pieces are machine washable!

Not Your Grandma’s Glasses

Look Optic Screen Readers


It’s scientifically proven–– wearing glasses makes you look smarter. Take advantage of that trend, and protect your eyeballs, with these Look Optic Lenses.You’ll increase your protection from blue light by 53%, and reduce your chances of getting Computer Vision Syndrome. (Yep, that’s a thing. We really need to get away from our laptops more.)

Redraft Your Outerwear

The Arrivals   

Have you ever shown up to a meeting in a worn, old jacket? Yeah, it’s kinda hard to feel professional. Up your outerwear game with one of these pieces from The Arrivals. They’ve got a lifetime warranty, which means it will last from your first internship to the day you snag that corner office. Talk about a good investment!

Meet Everything You Ever Needed

Solgaard backpack

Having a messy bag is the first step to total disorganization. Before you know it, you’re missing an important file, can’t find your charger, and your lipstick is all over your laptop. (What, just us?)

Thankfully, the folks behind Solgaard are making sure that never happens again. This bag has a separator for your work and personal items, a solar-powered charger, and an integrated lock to protect the whole kit and caboodle. In other words, it’s the dream for anyone who can’t get back to their apartment to grab something.

“Argh, my phone is dead!” Jewelry

Q Designs

Never worry about missing a call again. These stylish bracelets are made of stainless steel… and double as a cell phone charger. Now, you can get a 50% charge without scrounging through your bag for a cord. Did you just become that businesswoman who never breaks a sweat? Yeah. You did.

Conquer Casual Friday



Every boss deserves to relax, and this cozy office favorite will help get you there. 100% cashmere will make you feel like you’re wrapped in the world’s comfiest blanket… when you’re actually wearing a socially acceptable sweater. Comfort and professionalism for the win!

Bonus: For every purchase at MERE KNIT, 2 blankets are given to children in need. What, now you can get your hygge on and give back?! The world is an okay place, after all.

Keep Your Story To Yourself

Beth Macri Mathematics Necklace


Keep your values close to your heart–– without announcing them to the entire office. Beth Macri’s customized necklaces allow you to create a hidden message, which will only be shown to those who you trust. (And that could be absolutely no one in your department. No judgement here.) Keep it classy with a sterling silver or 14k gold design.

The “I’m a Boss!” Backpack

Shauna Luther


This isn’t your average 4th graders backpack. Oh, no. This Shauna Luther piece is handcrafted in Brooklyn, made of black pebble grain leather, and has an air of sophistication that most larger bags simply lack. Rest assured, no elementary schooler’s look can compete. (Or if it can, they’re definitely the coolest kid in school.)