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#PitchNight Recap Part II: Forward-Thinking Fashion

As part of our #PitchNight series, we’re getting up close and personal with some of the pitchers who joined us for STORY’s latest #PitchNight on February 16. (In case you missed it, Peggy Wang, Editorial Director, Buzzfeed, and Chay Costello, Associate Director of Merchandising at The Museum of Modern Art joined us to hear three-minute pitches from brands creating everything from upcycled denim jackets to vegan tomato sauce – and it was all streamed live via Facebook with a little help from Buzzfeed’s Buy Me That affiliate platform).

In part one, we took a look at some of the brands who were founded on a mission to shake things up and make the world a better place. In this installment, we’re looking at a few of the pitchers who have a new take on “forward-thinking” fashion.


The Who What Wear
: Versatile and luxurious knits made by grandmothers! When Founder Faustine Badrichani moved from France to New York City, she looked around and asked, “where are all of the old people?” Her concern for the elderly eventually spun into WoolN – a brand that enlists New York City grandmothers to hand-knit pieces using luxurious . Each knit is made with care, embodies its own unique quality, and is sealed with a note from the grandmother who made it.



The Who What Wear: Ready-to-wear African fashion with colorful and modern prints! Boxer, lawyer, and Brooklynite-by-way-of-Nigeria Busayo Olupona creates dresses and other accessories with hand-dyled textiles from Nigeria (a tradition called Adire – literally meaning, “tie and dye”) and works with artisans based in Nigeria.


Carla Colour

The Who What Wear: Chromatic unisex eyewear for sun and sight! Brisbane-raised and Brooklyn-based Carla Robertson Higgins had been working as a television for 15 years until she got pregnant with twins and realized the time was, “now” if she was ever going to do anything different She drew up a sketch of a pair of glasses she had always wanted to wear, and things started to come into focus very quickly, as she launched her first collection right around the time she gave birth. No doubt, Robertson made a colorful splash at #PitchNight with her bright specs.


Caterine Sanchez

The Who What Wear: Hand painted women’s clothing! Founder Caterine Sanchez subtly subverts the intersection of art and fashion with her bold prints. Her process starts as a series of art works – using anything from colored pencil, to chalk pastel, to watercolor. Then, her visual articulations are translated into modern yet ultra-feminine silhouettes.


Hat Attack

The Who What Wear: On-trend hats and bags that send a message! Creative Director Melissa Gitelman knows a thing or two about longevity. Having launched Hat Attack in 1981, the brand’s on-trend hats have topped-up New York for nearly four decades. Knit, felt, fleece, shearling, suede, wool or corduroy – her message hats and other accessories are for those who want to say it loud and proud.

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