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#PitchNight Finds at Love STORY

It’s baaaaack. STORY’s signature #PitchNight – an open call for designers and makers that gives creatives the opportunity to pitch a physical product to a panel of media and retailers returns on Thursday, February 16, 6-9PM! This time around, Rachel Shechtman, Founder and CEO of STORY will be joined by Peggy Wang, Editorial Director, Buzzfeed, and Chay Costello, Associate Director of Merchandising at The Museum of Modern Art.

There have been so many #PitchNight alumni that have made their way into our hearts ever since we hosted the first #PitchNight during Making Things STORY, but we got hot and heavy with a few of them for Love STORY. Here are a few #PitchNight finds that are feeling the L-O-V-E.


Frank Hooks

“Meet Frank. He’s a quiet sort of fellow who simply likes to hang out. He’s incredibly patient and diligent. If you ask him to hold something, he’ll never let go. He’s quite literally as strong as steel, though he’s just three inches tall.” That’s all David Barry had to say before we too were hooked on Frank (and his buddies Hank, Tom, and Shane).

Frank Hooks began life in 2012 as a Kickstarter project, popped up at #PitchNight in September 2016, and has since made his way from Brooklyn to homes all over the world. We loved Frank so much, he was a natural fit when it came time to bringing Design STORY – back to life.


American Trench

Timeless, practical, and stylish, a well-made trench is an essential. Yet, as American Trench founders David Neill and Jacob Hurwitz realized, it was an essential that wasn’t being made in the U.S. of A. After a trip to London in 2009, they began a three-year quest to bring timeless classics to market. Their line of domestically-produced outerwear is made of high-quality technical fabrics in modern cuts. After we met them at #PitchNight, they were a natural fit for Made in America STORY, and now they’re back in Love STORY as we celebrate stately goods designed and made by American makers.


Novel Studios

We first encountered Novel (Studios) – the New York-based design house with a taste for architecture, design, photography, and art with a strong focus on experience – in September 2016. All of their products seek to create moments of interaction that allow people to engage with their environment. So we were sold when Founder David Cazso brought his 100% non-GMO soy wax cedarwood and palmarosa candles with 3 lbs of raw concrete – a solid example of design that we can wax poetic about for many stories to come.


Beth Macri

We discovered Beth Macri’s architecturally-inspired jewelry at our first #PitchNight, and it was love at first sight. Her hidden message necklaces have made their way into every STORY since – and along the way, we’ve watched our dear friend become an award-winning jewelry designer.  In celebration of her new collection – a fresh take on her best-swelling hidden message necklace concept that trims the letters and symbols down into delicate and versatile studs and rings – Love STORY features a Beth Macri necklace bar. (And don’t miss her meet and greet on February 11!)



At the last #PitchNight we met New York-based Christina J. Wang. After receiving her MFA from the School of Visual Arts, Wang was motivated to expand her art beyond the canvas as she transitioned her drawings onto wool and silk “to touch everyday people in their everyday lives.” She describes her brand as a smorasboard of “the best stuff” – past, present, and always. (Don’t miss her exclusive trunk show on February 17!).


Leela Ryan

But what about Fido? When we met Leela Ryan at #PitchNight, she was passionate about extending the clean eating movement to our four-legged friends. “Is providing your dog with natural, healthy ingredients important to you?” she asked. Because dogs have food intolerances, allergies, and sensitive stomach just like their human counterparts, it’s important to feed the good stuff to them too. Leela Ryan treats are all-natural oat and fruit based, made from ingredients that are sourced and made in New York City.

Got an idea to pitch? Don’t miss our next #PitchNight on February 16!  Learn more here