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Pitch Night STORY: Falcon Soaperie

We ask. You answer the call for makers and mold-breakers with products we should know about. Meet the makers who’ve told their stories during our “Pitch Night” series and in doing so, become part of our STORY.

Who: Falcon Soaperie

Where: Queens, NY

What: When Jessica Falcon discovered soap making it was love at first bar. Now her hobby is a cottage line of small-batch bath products – all made from scratch using natural butters and additives like oatmeal, clay, and pumice.

Jessica’s definition of the American Dream:
It’s incorporating local and handmade products into your life. Americans aren’t just buyers; we are builders, makers, and doers. Having American made products means supporting people who are trying their best to have their little slice of the “American Dream.”

…Falcon Soaperie isn’t our only indie product line, our partnership with Brika introduced us to a few new makers raising the soap bar. In-STORY now; Fabled Soap Co., an all-natural line of soaps, salts, and balms made from ingredients like pumpkin pulp and avocado oil. And for the guys; Brooklyn Grooming Co, a small-batch grooming line that captures the distinct essence of the borough’s neighborhoods in all-natural beard oils, balms and facial serums.