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Pitch Night: Fall Accessories

It’s Fall and the weather is fine for putting in a little extra effort. We’re talking details – from handcrafted bow ties to raw denim card cases – all discovered during our last pitch night. We had to have them then and there, here’s why…

Bosie NYC: There’s a seductive androgyny to stylist-turned-designer Shala Rothenberg’s small batch neck wear. Handcrafted in materials like cotton sateen, piped silk, and printed poplin, and shaped to suit guys and girls alike, each has a distinctive downtown attitude – a nod to the designer’s home base on the LES and her cool kid clientele. Never fancied a bow tie? Guy or gal – here’s your equal opportunity to tie one on.

Unwashed Denim: Will Berman is what Pitch Night is all about. A 16-year old kid from NYC, his definition of home work: hand sewing raw denim accessories including card cases, tech accessories, and dog leads from his bedroom workshop. The story gets better when you take a look at the quality of Will’s product, each piece creatively using raw Japanese denim while incorporating hand done touches like waxed thread and burnished edges. Genius? We think so.